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Our Philisophy  

  The focus at Foxy Faces is on YOU and YOUR skin. Not every treatment is right for every person, and "everything but the kitchen sink" facials can do more harm than good. At Foxy Faces you don't have to worry about being "upsold" or pushy sales techniques. Our estheticians are focused on working with you to create a skin care regimen and treatment plan you both can feel good about. 



Sarah Ridley, Owner/LE/Laser Technician

   Sarah was trained in Esthetics right here in Phoenix, Arizona! She soon became interested in the use of cosmetic lasers, as they became more prevalent in the beauty industry, and continued her education at The National Laser Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona. Sarah firmly believes education never stops, especially in this ever changing industry with continuously advancing technology. She gets a thrill out of attending seminars, conventions, classes, and applying her new found knowledge to making her clients feel more amazing every day! Skincare never stops! Come see Sarah today and start feeling better! 



Sarah Ridley is a Licensed Esthetician, and ARRA certified Cosmetic Laser Technician

Stacey Cordova, LE

Stacey Cordova was trained at Avalon School of Cosmetology in Phoenix Arizona. She is our ROCKSTAR speed waxer! Got hair? She can wax that! She specializes in results-oriented skin care treatments, and of course Manzillian Waxing! She is an avid believer in continuing education as well, and is constantly attending trainings and seminars to further her knowledge of the skin in order to better help her clients. Come see Stacey today and see what she can do for your skin! 





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